What is clue medical?

clue medical is a light, smart and small latest generation event-recorder. In 2 minutes it records - with our without adhesive electrodes - an ECG and transfers the evaluated recordings to your computer or mobile phone. There they are presented in graphic form.

Measurements of cardiac functions can be performed where symptoms arise - since symptoms do not arise in the doctor's room or the hospital but rather at home, at work, on the go or even on holiday.

h_was-ist-clue_cluemedicalclue medical - is multifunctional and… 

  • measures whether the heart is working properly
  • detects arrhthymias and other heart diseases
  • shows your individual stress level
  • warns of burnout and anxiety disorders
  • improves your quality of life

Every situation which impacts the autonomous nervous system is made visible by clue medical.

What gets measured?

  • Average heart rate
  • Average duration of the cardiac cycle (average duration of the RR intervals during the measurement period)
  • Standard deviation (difference between an RR interval and the average RR interval during the measurement period)
  • Absolute heart rate variability (SDNN) in milliseconds
  • Relative heart rate variability (CV) in %
  • Cardiovascular risk markers

What advantages offers clue medical in comparison to the Holter electrocardiogram (ECG measurement over 24 hours)?

  • clue medical is universally mobile, can easily be operated by the patient and can be used across all communication channels (PC, mobile telephony) worldwide through immediate data transfer.
  • clue medical can transfer the recordings across all telecommunication connections, worldwide and around the clock.
  • The evaluations recorded with clue medical can also be – in visualized form – accessed and evaluated by the doctor worldwide and around the clock with a user ID and password.

clue medical is certified both by US and European Authorities (FDA and CE).