How does clue medical benefit you?

Job pressure and personal turbulence can cause our nerves to strike or the heart to lose its rhythm. For this reason, it is important to detect physical signals in time and understand them properly.

clue medical makes it possible to take heart measurements anytime and anywhere.

In addition to monitoring the heart, clue medical also detects mental illnesses early on. This multifunction device calculates your individual stress level and provides information as to whether everything is ok with your nervous system - so that you never even get as far as a burnout. This device, designed specifically for the medical field helps, among other things, with the diagnosis of cardiac arrhthymias and follow-up support of patients with heart defects and heart attacks.

clue medical is also used to accompany patients with diabetes mellitus, chronic dialysis or psychiatric and neurological diseases.

Thanks to the location and time-independent recording and transmission of data, this high tech recorder is used for precise diagnoses and prognoses.

How does clue medical benefit patients?

  • Optimal therapy monitoring for cardiac arrhthmias
  • "External diagnostic station" for medical data recording
  • Early detection of stress and burnout
  • The perfect companion for prevention and fitness programmes
  • Improves patients’ quality of life and the quality of medical care

How does clue medical benefit doctors?  

  • Decreases diagnosis time
  • Saves costly tests such as 24 hour ECGs or electrophysiology tests
  • Makes it possible to diagnose previously undocumented illnesses
  • Makes it monitoring easier in case of stress, burnout or depression
  • Is suitable for rental or lease to medical practices