The telozo Service Center – Platform for state-of-the-art telemedicine

The automated telozo Service Center is at the heart of the innovative telemedical telozo concept.
telozo can be accessed 24/7, 365 days a year via the internet from anywhere on the globe.

Whenever the user wishes he can use clue medical to send stored data to the telozo Service Center - completely anonymously -

  • by mobile phone
  • by infrared or
  • Bluetooth connection

so that the data can be visualised and saved.

Using the user ID and the password any authorised person, for example the attending physician, can view, print, save orforward the visualised data arranged according to recording and transfer time or date, i.e.

  • a full single channel 2 minute ECG section
  • a signal averaged ECG with the characteristic time values,
  • the average cardiac cycle,
  • the cardiac frequency,
  • absolute (SDNN)
  • and relative (CV) cardiac frequency variability,
  • a spectrum analysis (FFT) including
  • area dimensions for sympathetic and parasympathetic activity
  • and its balance, as well as
  • a tachogram of the cardiac cycle including cardiovascular assessment

Data protection

The data protection of your personal clinical data is assured, because all data in the system are managed in connection with the device number.

The data are only assigned to individual patients by the recipient of the analysis.