Terms and Conditions

Telozo Technology GmbH, A-1010 Wien

Use of clue medical and clue balance and the associated service system permits the recording, transfer and evaluation of cardiovascular data around the clock as a complementary aid for diagnostic processes as well as personal monitoring of heart rate variability (HRV) and the balance between stress and recovery.

Please read the following information regarding use, in particular use of clue medical, and proper utilisation of the system.

1. clue medical is not intended for recording an emergency ECG or controlling an emergency situation. In life-threatening situations it is therefore indispensable that you call an emergency doctor. The device can neither detect heart attacks or strokes with certainty nor can it prevent them.

2. It is hereby explicitly pointed out only a doctor can perform a diagnosis and make potential decisions regarding therapy. The service provider neither has nor exerts any influence on the time and content of the evaluation consultation with the treating physician and therefore assumes no liability for this process.

3. The data recorded and transmitted by clue medical and clue balance are visualised at the receiving office after receipt and saving, i.e. prepared in a readable format, and can be consulted with a user ID and password 24 hours a day over the Internet by a person authorised by the user to do so. Internet availability is based on the usual high technical standards of ISPs. This shall not release the doctor from his or her scope of duties pursuant to § 51 (3) Doctors Act, Federal Law Gazette “BgBL” I, Item 169/1998.

4. The treating physician has the ability to evaluate the reports made available to him and hold diagnosis consultations during his consultation hours. Therefore, if needed, special arrangements must be made outside of consultation hours.

5. In case of direct transfer of evaluations to the treating physician, we request that a declaration of consent be signed by the doctor to whom the evaluations are to be sent.

6. Single orders of clue medical and clue balance are shipped via the Austrian Postal Service or Parcel Service together with accessories, operating instructions and the device box. According to distance shipping costs to foreign countries are invoiced separately, same for bulk shipments, which are distributed by integrators or forwarding companies. In advance please contact us at our service hotline +43 677 615 54535 during business hours.

7. The costs of transmission via mobile Internet data transfer are not included in the service. In addition to the device charges including service, the telephone charges billed by the selected network operator for the transmission of data shall also be incurred. For clue, with the option of graphic presentation on a mobile telephone, there are additional charges for this transfer.

8. Information on handling and transfer can be found in the operating instructions for clue medical and clue balance and in the quick instruction guide.

9. We would like to point out that the service provider has no influence on the extent to which doctors conclude individual fee agreements with the patient as part of individual medical services.

10. Moreover, we would like to explicitly point out that data protection and data security for data transmissions in open networks - such as, for example, in case of independent sending of evaluations - via e-mail cannot be guaranteed according to the current state of technology.

11. Due to the variety of mobile devices available on the market and their constant expansion of functions and version changes, malfunctions may, in exceptional cases, arise during data transmission.
Please ensure that in case of a transmission via infrared or Bluetooth, your mobile operator's tariff includes digital data services. If this is not the case, data transmission via the infrared or Bluetooth interface is not possible. Telozo Technology GmbH assumes no liability in such cases. As an alternative in this case, Telozo Technology GmbH offers transmission of the recorded data via a PC or laptop with an Internet connection to the 365/24 service centre. For further questions, please contact us at our service hotline +43 677 615 54535 during business hours.