Case studies

Case study 1

fallbeispiel_4The 52 year old patient Regina G. complained of strong palpitations, which she experiences as unpleasant and oppressive. Her cardiac arrhythmias could not be detected either in a resting ECG or in a 24 our ECG. clue medical finally made it possible to document the problem for the first time. Read the whole case study (pdf)

Case study 2

fallbeispiel_173 year old Erna A. had suffered from paroxysmal atrial fibrillations for years. With clue medical it was determined that the patient had atrial fibrillations significantly more often than could be determined from her symptoms. This made it possible to devise an optimal course of therapy for Erna A. Read the whole case study (pdf)

Case study 3

fallbeispiel_558 year old Thomas I. suffered a heart attack in January 2008. With clue medical it was possible to examine him on a mobile basis. After a coronary intervention, today the patient is symptom-free. Read the whole study (pdf)