The telozo Service Center

The fully automated telozo Service Center is the heart of the innovative telemedicine concept of telozo GmbH.
Accessible 24 hours around the clock, 365 days a year over the internet from any point on the earth.

Whenever the user wants to, he or she can transmit his or her records stored on clue completely anonymously – to the telozo Service Center for visualization and storage via mobile telephone using an infrared or Bluetooth connection.

As long as the user has a suitable mobile telephone and this option
has been activated, the telozo Service Center will immediately transmit a graphic display to his or her mobile telephone that is easy
for the layperson to understand.

In this display,

  • the current average heart rate,
  • the heart rate analysis (HRV) and
  • the personal balance between stress and the ability to recover

are clearly displayed.

The same data are stored in a more detailed form, as well as in the graphic display, at the telozo Service Center and can be viewed by authorized persons with user identification and password at any time over the internet.

Data protection

The data protection of your personal clinical data is assured, because all data in the system are managed in connection with the device number.

The data are only assigned to individual patients by the recipient of the analysis.