Case studies

Case study 1

Erika H. wakes up in the middle of the night with a stabbing pain in her heart and breathing heavily. She has a lump in her throat, she gags, gets dizzy. Mortal fear takes hold of her in addition to feeling like she's going mad. clue shows that her vegetative nervous system has come unbalanced but her heart is healthy. Read the whole case study

Case study 2

All of a sudden, everything stopped working. Helmut A. simply toppled over. He drove himself into a burnout. clue protects him from having another burnout and takes away his fear of doing so. Helmut A. gains a new sense of confidence. Read the whole case study

Case study 3

Karla W. is desperate. Life no longer makes sense to her. She receives a prescription for anti-depressants but it can take a few weeks before she feels the positive effect. With clue , she is able to determine early on how effective the medication is. Read the whole case study