What is clue?

clue is a smart, light cardiovascular recorder with integrated stress-sensors.

This unique mobile device records heart rate and heart rate variability at the same time - from these values it determines your individual stress level. This allows the initial indications of a disturbed work-life-balance to be recognised in order to counter them in a timely fashion - so that everything stays the way it’s supposed to. In 2 minutes it records - with our without adhesive electrodes – an ECG and transfers the evaluated recordings to your computer or mobile phone. There they are presented in graphic form. Measurements are possible anytime and anywhere.

clue takes advantage of your body's intelligence with modern telemedicine.

h_was-ist-clue_clueclue – is multifunctional and…

  • determines activity in the vegetative nervous system
  • shows your current stress level
  • is as easy to measure as a fever
  • warns of burnout and anxiety disorders
  • improves the quality of life

What advantages offers clue in comparison to a heart rate monitor (e.g. pulse watch)?

  • clue provides you with measurements of both heart rate variability (HRV, “heart fitness”) and stress level (activity of the autonomous nervous system) and makes them visible.
  • clue results can be visualized also on your mobile phone.